How this course will be conducted?
This course will be available as a series of pre-recorded video lessons. You can learn from it at your convenient time. 

Is there any specific duration of the course?
There are no strict / specific duration for completion of this course. You can complete it at your own pace. However, regular practice is essential to learn and pick up the techniques quickly.

From where will I buy the recorder flute?  
You can buy it from a local musical store, or you can purchase it online.

When will it begin?  
The course is now available online. You can join anytime from anywhere of the world and start learning. 

How will I clear my doubts ?
Each participant to the above course will get access to a closed Facebook Group where they will be able to ask questions directly to the mentor (Surojit Chatterjee). 

Will I get any certificate after completion of the course?
After completion of the course and after an online evaluation test each participant will get a digital course completion certificate from MAA Foundation Kolkata under the mentoriship of Surojit Chatterjee?

Do I need to have a prior musical knowledge to learn from the course?
The course has been designed in such a way that no prior knowledge is necessary and you can learn it from scratch. But prior music knowledge will always be an additional advantage.

What will be the language of instruction? 
The whole course will be taught in Bengali language only.    

I have some more query, where will I ask?
You can call / Whatsapp us at 9051381558 for any further query.