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Aagamir Roddur – Radio Surojit O Bondhura

Aagamir Roddur will feature new young aspiring bands, singers, composers who will be showcasing their talent in this unique platform. The window to the world that can open many a door to listeners only on Radio Surojit O Bondhura. Stay tuned, connected and spread the music.

How to send entries for Aagamir Roddur?

Send by Post

You / your band band can send original recorded song(s) by post in Audio CD format to the following address
Surojit O Bondhura
38 Golf Club Road
Film Service
Kolkata 700033

Send by Email

You can email your Recorded song(s) by email at radiosob@surojitchatterjee.com in MP3 or WAV format
Do not send mobile recorded song(s).
Selection of song(s) is solely based on decision of Radio Authority. Selected band(s) or artists will be informed via email and phone.

Please attach the following Agreement Form (Click to download) with your content. Entries without this Agreement Form will be considered as invaild.

Can I send multiple entries ?

Yes you can send multiple entries but you need to attach separate Agreement Form with your individual entry.

What are the criteria of the recorded song(s)?

The song should be recorded in a studio environment.

How will I send the Agreement Form online / via email ?

There are two ways you can send the Agreement form online / via email

1. First Download the Agreement Form. Open it with Microsoft word. Fill necessary details. Then scan your signature / take a photo of your signature and put it at the right place on the form and save that document and send it by email.


2. You can Download and take a print out of the form. Fill it with necessary details using a pen and after that Scan that paper and attach the scanned document and send it by email.

Who will select the songs ?

Surojit Chatterjee and his team will select the […]

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Surojit O Bondhura at Sanskriti 2015 by SFSU at Jadavpur University

It was our first show in Jadavpur University campus as Surojit O Bondhura. The show happened all of a sudden, we got a query just five days before the show and the show was fixed within an hour. The story is just short as that and after that we were left with our performance and the feedback. After the last night now we are sharing some moments here and also what our friends saying about it…

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