pati parameshwar

I am glad to share one of my composition from the movie Pati Parameshwar (2014). I wrote more than 4-5 songs before fixing the current one and Director Jayasree di just found it apt with the situation. The song deals with various situations of a couple since the inception of their love and through out their married life. Its a comedy number and   beautifully sung by none other than Mir and first time singer none other than Tolly Queen Rituparna. Dramatic voice of Mir has just worked perfectly with the lyrics and situation. I tried a bit of fusion in this composition by using distortion along with traditional Khol and Khanjani. I am more than delighted to got the opportunity to share the song with you. I hope you all will like it more or less and share your opinion.

MP3 Link: Downlod Song | Dilli Ka Laddoo | Click Here | Lyrics & Composition: Surojit Chatterjee | Singer: Mir & Rituparna

I have composed total 5 songs for the movie including Dyang Dyang, Rumaal, Joy Kali Kalkattewali & a Rabindra Sangeet Medley. Each songs are of very different from each other and I have tried to compose according to situation of the script. The item song choreographed by Shakraiya and beautifully picturised by Jayasree Bhattacharyya is looking pretty good on screen.

I got the opportunity to appear on screen for the second time in the song Rumaal after Handa Bhonda. It was quiet exciting moment for me to sing and act at the same time with such a song and I was glad that I was also accompanied by two of my Surojit O Bondhura team mates Mainak & Rajib.

Dyang Dyang which is written by my better-half Kamalinee Chatterjee is another brilliant contribution after Alo, which she wrote for the movie Muktodhara. 

Doing a Rabindra Sangeet medley was another tough job. First it was choosing the right song for the situation and then choosing two songs which can be fused properly maintaining the rythm. But atlast we succeeded after lot of discussions and sessions.