I have recently completed more than 20 years of my musical journey. Since last few months I was thinking about sharing my musical experiences that I have gathered throughout these years. Everyday I receive many messages and emails where many of my young friends request for chords and riffs of my songs. Though it will be easier if I would just share it in written format but thought of doing something different and creating something new which can make it interesting for my friends and then one fine morning thought of a video blog. Which is much more interactive than typical written content, easy to convey my messages and much more interesting for the viewers.

So here is my official video blog, I have named it Musical Webisodes. After I changed my Facebook Cover picture announcing this news, I received many messages that, what is this Webisode? Actually this term has been derived from this two words WEB+EPISODE. Through this musical Webisodes I will share what you will ask to me. For the initial episodes I have chosen some of my songs which a number of friends have requested earlier.

I must say that I will continue this initiative only if you inspire me to do it more often and keep inspiring me with the contents.

For your convenience I am leaving a short comment box below this post where you can post your frank and friendly comments and can suggest me what you wanna watch.

& here is a small teaser video to share with you. If you like it, please do not forget to share with your family & friends.