It was our first show in Jadavpur University campus as Surojit O Bondhura. The show happened all of a sudden, we got a query just five days before the show and the show was fixed within an hour. The story is just short as that and after that we were left with our performance and the feedback. After the last night now we are sharing some moments here and also what our friends saying about it…

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“I actually sat behind at the OAT gallery before your program started (owing to some tiredness of organizing the events throughout the day). But it was hard to sit back after you guys delivered two or three songs. It left no choice for me than joining my friends who were dancing just in front of the stage. All the songs throughout the program was too awesome to just sit back in the gallery. And the selection of songs was superb too & of course, that matters when one is performing in a college fest. Now, I’ll like to share some views about pre-performance. Our own Open Air Theater was actually “”open”” before it’s repair in the recent past. It had no roof-top by then. But now it is not “”open”” anymore, and due to the lack of absorbent in the ceiling it reflects the sound wave repeatedly increasing the reverberation, and it mitigates the clarity of sound. Especially, when one is seated at the gallery the vocal doesn’t come clear to the ear. So the sound leveling plays a great role in the quality of the performance. But the sound leveling that you had done yesterday, was very good to diminish the clarity problem. And, lastly, for the first time I’am seeing a band to make interaction with their fans by SNS to a great extent, by sharing their posts, images, views, by sending message. May your fb page reach from 40K likes to 100M likes, but I’ll hope that you’ll still have such interactions with your fans as much as possible. Thank you once again for the great show.”
Uttaran Dutta
Great stage performance…Hats of guys…Each n evry instrument was perfect…..And Surojit da Thanks a lot for the performance….
Saifuddin Ahmed
just awesome…!!!
Subhankar Raj
“An evening spent very well. Hope to see you again in future. :’)”
Ion Santra
Kal ek ta asadharn anusthan er sakkhi thaklam. Eta amr kachhe ju r 3rd fest bt ato enjoy satti er age kakhna korini. Thank you sir for giving us such a wonderful performance last night..
Anibrata Banerjee
HATS OFF to Surojit O Bondhura Team for yesterday s ROCKING PERFORMANCE!!! SFSU will try its best to promote and share your page
Rahul Biswas
It was a fantastic experience.I was the organizer of the event.I was eagerly waiting for you to be on stage.The moment you started singing,I was just mesmerized.I dont need to mention that the show was a great success,you can easily realize that by the response you get from the crowd.I also want to mention that it was an a university holiday.At the end I want to thank you a lot .Tomake abar live dekhar i66e thaklo.
Sougata Roy
I am Subhronil Pan, one of the three organisers of SANKRITI 2015. Surojit Chatterjee is one of my fabourite singers. But it was one of the best days of my life. I am happy to be an organiser.
Subhronil Pan
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