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Surojit O Bondhura

Label: Cozmik Harmony
Track: 9

Surojit O Bondhura is the first solo album of the band Surojit O Bondhura.

Song List:
1. Kon Rupnagore
2. O Raani
3. Aami Daan Dike Roina
4. Chupi Chupi Tumi
5. Ghuri
6. Tumi Radhe
7. Halka Sonali Aalo
8. Tepantorer Rakhal Chhele
9. Dekha Hobe Bondhura (Instrumental)



Label: Cozmik Harmony
Track: 7

Abhyontoreen is the second album of the band Surojit O Bondhura.

Song List:
1. Aami Sei
2. Abhyontoreen
3. Chorui Pakhir Para
4. Mon Kande Na Aar
5. Tomaar Amaar
6. Somoy
7. Abar Dekha Holo Bondhura

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